Jaguar Leadership Network

JLN, a community where students can thrive

Through the Jaguar Leadership Network, sophomores and juniors find the financial support to continue their education at IUPUI while also developing as leaders and community contributors. Participants in the two-year program develop academic skills and leadership competencies through mentoring, engaged learning opportunities, leadership training, and university service.

During times when school was getting tough, especially around midterm and finals, JLN provided activities and the comforting support I needed to push through and succeed.

Sydney Helminger, JLN Scholar

Housed in the Institute for Engaged Learning, the Jaguar Leadership Network equips participants with the knowledge, skills, and confidence they need to transition into careers, graduate education, and lives as engaged citizens after graduation. JLN Scholars are selected with unmet financial need in mind, making the financial support offered through the program crucial to their continued studies. In fact, 58% of the inaugural JLN cohort indicated they would not have re-enrolled at IUPUI without the financial support available through JLN.

With the money I received from JLN every semester, it gave me the financial flexibility to go out and pursue an internship, which changed my college experience tremendously because of the firsthand knowledge and experience I am getting at my internship.

Ricardo Escudero, JLN Scholar

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