General Education Core

Transferable general education core

The IU Indianapolis General Education Core serves as the foundation for all degree programs at IU Indianapolis and includes 30 credit hours (typically 10 courses) that often are taken in the first and second years of college. Students entering IU Indianapolis from another public university in Indiana who have completed the transferable general education core at their home campus or students who have completed the Indiana College Core through their high school will not need to complete the IU Indianapolis General Education Core. For more information regarding the Indiana College Core (formerly the STGEC), please visit the Transfer Indiana website and the IU Transfer Office website.

IU Indianapolis general education courses

The IU Indianapolis General Education Core provides a strong foundation for a rich and intellectually challenging undergraduate experience. About 300 courses have been rigorously reviewed and approved to the IU Indianapolis General Education Core by faculty members from all academic units, providing IU Indianapolis students with a diverse array of options for fulfilling their general education requirements. Coursework is divided into the broad domains of foundational intellectual skills (core communication, analytical reasoning, and cultural understanding) and coursework that promotes intellectual breadth and adaptiveness (life and physical sciences; and arts, humanities, and social sciences).

Civics Literacy

The civics literacy proficiency milestone is only required for IU Indianapolis undergraduate teach-out students pursuing a Purdue degree, effective for students starting at IU Indianapolis (formerly IUPUI) in fall 2022 or later.