Nathan and Collette Byrer

Leaving a legacy

Have you ever wondered what the world will be like in 100 years? What will the IUPUI campus look like? Will anyone remember you in 100 years? Nathan Byrer, director of technology services in the Division of Undergraduate Education, has thought about these things in relation to a purchase he made to honor his maternal grandparents.

Byrer was very fortunate to have his grandparents, Don and Kathryn Terrell, to inspire and to support him and his brother as they grew up, as well as to encourage them to always do their best. Nathan and his grandfather were very close. His grandmother states, “They [were] cut from the same cloth—very matter of fact.”

Byrer's grandfather and grandmother lived through the Great Depression and did not have the opportunity to attend college. His grandfather was successful in many areas of life, but always thought he could have done more if he had had the chance to earn a college degree. It was his grandfather who encouraged Byrer to go to college, even paying half of his tuition. In addition, Byrer lived with his grandparents during his time at college.

As a way to thank his grandparents for their support and to let them know how much he appreciates all they have done for him, Byrer decided to honor them through the Emerging Generations Scholarship Fund (sometimes referred to as the Brick Campaign). With this choice, he bought a brick, had it inscribed with his grandparents’ names and text of his choice, and had it installed in the University College courtyard to leave a visible legacy of his grandparents for years to come. He thought about students, or maybe a history class, walking across the campus in 100 years. They might see the brick with the inscription on it and wonder about the story behind it. What future students will know, however, is that Don and Kathryn Terrell had a deep respect for education and made a positive impact on someone who wanted to honor their memory for all to see.

By purchasing this brick inscribed with his grandparents' names, Byrer wanted his grandfather, who has since passed away, and his grandmother to know not only how much their support and love meant to him but also that their generous deeds will not be forgotten. That brick will be a lasting tribute to his grandparents for emerging generations to come.

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