Bob and Diane Coward

Supporting higher education

Bob and Diane Coward are two proud donors to University College and have strong beliefs in supporting higher education

The Cowards have been in the printing industry their entire working lives; it’s even how they met! They created their own business, Partners Printing, now named Think Solutions, in 1998 and have worked with University College and IU since 1999. 

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We have always felt the need to give back to organizations that support us.

Bob Coward

Proudly watching their son Tyler graduate from IU Bloomington (2010) and Michigan State University College of Law (2015) gave the Cowards even more incentive to give back to higher education. They stated, “We both take pride in donating to University College as well as higher education.”

The Cowards believe that everyone should set realistic yet high expectations of themselves. They think that “an interesting scholarship concept would be to slide scholarship dollars based on meeting higher goals.”

Note: Diane Coward passed away on February 12, 2016. Her husband, Bob, is firm in his resolve to continue donating to University College and higher education “to keep Diane’s passions alive for all of us.”

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