DUE Epitome Award Winners honored for dedication to students


The DUE Epitome Award was created this year by Christina Downey, associate vice chancellor for undergraduate education and dean of University College, to honor faculty and staff who are dedicated to student success. There were 326 students who created submissions for the award, amounting to 489 total nominations across the three categories. The inaugural cohort of winners is composed of resident faculty member Kathy Marrs, adjunct faculty members Thompson Doman and Sydney Kadinger, and staff member Phyllis Washington.

Congratulating the winners, Downey said, "The level of student-participation we saw in the first year of the DUE Epitome Award is a testament to the dedication and commitment that IUPUI faculty and staff have to the success of our students. I am incredibly proud of the inaugural winners and their contributions to our campus community."

"I am honored to have been selected for the DUE Epitome Award. Knowing that students took the time to recognize the positive impact faculty and staff have on their undergraduate experience makes it even more meaningful. Whether they were students in my classes or labs, officers or members of student organizations I advise, or campus leaders working with me as recitation leaders or teaching assistants, I am delighted to hear that I have made a positive impact on our amazing IUPUI undergraduates. Thank you for this recognition.”Kathy Marrs

“The undergraduate experience provided the foundation for everything else that transpired in my life. It is immensely gratifying to be a mentor, coach, and cheerleader to other students who are navigating this magical but challenging chapter in life, and this award means so much because it tells me that students are benefiting.”Thompson Doman

“As an IUPUI alum and first-year adjunct faculty member, I am beyond honored to be one of the inaugural DUE Epitome Award winners. Being nominated by students I respect and admire for their empathetic leadership, bold originality, and everlasting determination will be an endless source of inspiration.”Sydney Kadinger

I feel a great delight to be chosen as one of the first recipients of the Epitome Award. It is with great honor that it comes from the students that I have had the opportunity to work with.Phyllis Washington

The winners were honored at DUE’s monthly staff meeting on April 19 with an award ceremony. View the photo album

Downey interviewed students on campus about their nominations for the Epitome Award. Watch the video and see what they had to say.


For more information, contact the Division of Undergraduate Education Office of Communications at duecomm@iupui.edu.