Sarah Glener recognized with 2021 Veteran Staff Women’s History Month Leadership Award


Sarah Glener has been a part of the IUPUI community for 20 years. In that time, she has helped countless students, faculty, and staff, beginning with her work in the Office of Student Scholarships and the Office of Undergraduate Admissions, then at the IUPUI Honors College. Her years of providing dedicated service are one reason that she is one of this year’s recipients of the Annual Veteran Staff Women’s History Month Leadership Award. 

Glener is currently the director of scholarships and admissions at the IUPUI Honors College and is tasked “ultimately to build the community of scholars that will create the future of the Honors College,” said Kristina Sheeler, the executive associate dean of the Honors College, in her nomination of Glener. 

Sheeler said that Glener is an incredible leader whose presence is felt not only in the IUPUI Honors College, but throughout all of campus as well.  

“Her leadership encourages others to participate and makes them feel valued,” said Sheeler. “Our community of scholars is a direct reflection on Sarah’s hard work and commitment to the Honors College and to supporting students.” 

Lisa Ruch, IUPUI Honors College director of academic affairs, won the same award last year and said that Glener was perfect for the award, as evidenced by her dedication to IUPUI as a student, alumna, and employee.  

“I don’t know anyone who has ever deserved it more. She is the definition of going above and beyond,” said Ruch. “It would mean a lot to her and to all of us who know how great she is, how hard she works, and how lucky IUPUI is to have her!” 

A consistent theme throughout Glener’s letters of recommendation is her drive to do what is best for the students with whom she comes in contact.  

Emily Clossin, IUPUI Honors College assistant director, who has worked with Glener for over 15 years, said, “Sarah is always wanting to do what is best for our students, and has reached out to her contacts in the Office of Student Financial Services or Study Abroad to help some of our students who are in real need of assistance.” 

Clossin’s sentiment was further echoed by students who had been positively impacted by Glener 

“She goes above and beyond to support all of the students involved with the organization and works hard to make sure our events are successful by providing whatever resources and advice she can,” said one student.  

“It is clear that the students and their experience are always a priority to Sarah. She has also helped me pursue leadership experience on campus like being a mentor on OTEAM—I know she is always willing to help students grow,” detailed another student. 

The Office for Women and the Division of Student Affairs celebrate national Women’s History Month every March by recognizing the outstanding contributions of women faculty, staff, and student leaders. 

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