Students preparing for DEAP’s Ghana experience reflect on their hopes for the trip

IUPUI’s Diversity Enrichment and Achievement Program (DEAP) offers a unique study abroad opportunity—an immersive learning experience in Ghana for underrepresented students. Participants have the opportunity to enhance their understanding of other cultures, the world around them, and themselves.

Students who are preparing for the two-week trip are excited to experience new cultures and learn the history of the people living there. Students say that the preparation has been fairly easy, but there is a lot to do for a successful journey. Keegan Jones, a student going on the trip this year, had this to say about the preparation experience: “The preparation process has been a lot because I’ve never been out of the country. I had to get a passport, I'm about to get shots and a visa, and I think the process is just fun because I know what it will bring in the future.”

The Ghana study abroad experience combines an eight-week course and a two-week trip to Accra, Ghana. Students receive an interdisciplinary introduction to African continuities, as well as an in-depth look at Ghanaian culture, history, and political structure to develop a strong understanding of contemporary African societies.

This will be Keegan’s first study abroad trip, and he has always wanted to travel overseas. He said, “I have never been abroad, so this trip means everything to me. I’ve always wanted to travel, especially overseas, and my number one place to visit in the world is Dubai. I love the fact that there are different cultures out in the world, and I want to learn new things.”

Another student, Ingrid Ortega, shares her excitement about the trip: “This trip means a lot to me because I will have the chance to really understand things from a different perspective. I am most excited about learning the history and culture of the people living in Ghana. I am looking forward to seeing things and experiencing life from their point of view for the two weeks that I will be staying there.”

Everyone wishes the students a safe and wonderful trip to Ghana this summer. DEAP staff expect the students to have lots of fun and unique experiences to be shared upon their return.

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