Lauren DeHaan named the Jim Campbell Rookie of the Year


Lauren DeHaan, the assistant director of the Office of Student Employment, has received the Jim Campbell Rookie of the Year Award, recognizing her valuable contributions to the National Student Employment Association.

DeHaan, a proud alumna of IUPUI, has been a valued member in the Division of Undergraduate Education for the past two years. She enjoys working in a capacity where she can directly impact the lives of people around her and finds that IUPUI grants her that opportunity. She has made a great impact, not only at IUPUI but also in the National Student Employment Association.

Whitney Neal, vice president for professional development at High Point University, nominated DeHaan due to her many achievements as a new member of the National Student Employment Association. According to Neal, DeHaan graciously accepted the role of webinar chair with minimal information, despite technical program transitions. After Neal reached out to DeHaan in late 2018, she immediately stepped into her new role and began to plan 2019 webinars, taking them to a new level. After connecting with webinar members, DeHaan took on the responsibility of overseeing presenters and creating webinar training materials. Since then, DeHaan has been committed to improving members’ user experience.

In 2019, DeHaan reached out to all members of the National Student Employment Association to propose a 2020 webinar session. According to the nomination letter, the association has seen an increase in webinar participation because of DeHaan's commitment and innovation.

About the Award

Jim Campbell was the last chairman, in 1977–78, of the National Association on Work and the College Student, today known as the National Student Employment Association. In his memory, the Jim Campbell Rookie of the Year Award is presented to a new professional who has made an outstanding or unique contribution to the association during the first three years as a member.

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